Hello everyone, my name is Nick, I'm an engineer and amateur songwriter. I'm an ambitious capricorn and music has a special place in my life!

Born in Romania, I've composed my first song when I was around 13 years old and I've played it together with my friends using improvised instruments. During the university I've tried to make a music project so I've posted an ad in a local newspaper. Two people replied and we had a lot of fun together writing songs. I've played my music at several events, including the graduation prom, a few weddings and a local radio and TV show. I've also tried to participate at the national pre-selection of the Eurovision Song Contest, but the results were below my expectations. After the Eurovision experience, I've decided it's time to study songwriting and music theory. I'm the autodidact type so everything I know about music I've learned by myself. I'm making my songs in my home studio and I'm willing to learn more about songwriting and music production.

In 2011, I've obtained two commended entries at the UK Songwriting Contest, one of them being a borderline semifinalist. In 2012, I was a borderline semifinalist again at the same UK Songwriting Contest.

Since 2015, I've started to take MOOC courses; you can find a detailed list on the Courses category.

I like listening to good music (mainly electronic pop and 80s & 90s music), I also like computers, webdesign and I'm interested in astronomy.

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