Below I'm posting the music training courses and tutorials I've completed so far.


Groove3 - Reverb Explained (Instructor Eli Krantzberg) ongoing

Groove3 - Delay Explained (Instructor Kenny Gioia) - Completed

Groove3 - Recording Vocals Explained (Instructor Kenny Gioia) - Completed

Groove3 - Mastering in the Box Explained (Instructor Michael Costa)   - Completed

Ask.Audio - Mastering with Olav Basoski (Instructor Olav Basoski)  - Completed

Udemy - Mastering Fundamentals (Instructor Kevin de Wit)  - Completed

Udemy - Music Production III - Audio Mastering - The COMPLETE Guide! (Instructor Mitch Houston)  - Completed


Udemy - Game Music Composition (Sections 1-6) (Instructor Karleen Heong)  - Completed

Udemy - The Official Guide to Mixing (Doctor Mix)  - Completed


Udemy - Learn Compression and Dynamic Processing - The Complete Guide (Instructor Ian Sutton)  - Completed

Udemy - Songwriting - Learn How To Write a Catchy Song (Instructor Salvatore Benintende)  - Completed

Udemy - Mixing a Song from Start to Finish (Instructor Matt Hayes) - Completed

Udemy - Master the Art of Mixing Electronic Music (Born to Produce) - Completed

Music Production Guide - Fundamentals of Mixing (1-24) (Instructor Michael White) - Completed

Udemy - Mixing for Music Producers (Instructor Dylan Bowes) - Completed

ADSR Music Production - EQ Masterclass (Instructor Jonny Strinati) - Completed

Udemy - Compression for Music Producers (Instructor Andrii Vakhnenko) - Completed

Coursera - Creating Synthesizer Sounds for Electronic Music (Instructor Loudon Stearns - Berklee College of Music)Course Certificate - Completed


edX Music Production and Vocal Recording Technology (Instructor Prince Charles Alexander - Berklee College of Music) - Completed

edX Introduction to the Music Business (Instructor John P. Kellogg - Berklee College of Music) - Completed

The Secrets of Subtractive Synthesis "The 4 Element Synth" (Instructor Rob Papen) - Completed

Coursera Fundamentals of Music Theory (Instructor Dr. Michael Edwards - The University of Edinburgh) - Statement of Accomplishment - Completed

FutureLearn - How To Write Your First Song (Instructor Adam White - The University of Sheffield) - Completed

Music Production Guide - Advanced Mixing Course (Instructor Michael White) - Completed

Music Production Guide Mastering Audio (Instructor Michael White) - Completed

Music Production Guide - Recording Vocals Workshop (Instructor Michael White) - Completed

Coursera - Songwriting (Instructor Pat Pattison - Berklee College of Music) - Verified Certificate Completed

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